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Project Management

Binary Vintage project leaders have the planning skills necessary to effectively maneuver in today’s challenging environment. Project Management, as a discipline, is one of the most demanding professions today as project teams strive to deliver quality products to meet customer needs.

Our trained Project Manager are able to assist clients to

Identify primary activities of the project manager for the full project life cycle
Identify key elements of a project plan
Develop a work breakdown structure
Create an effort estimate using Wideband Delphi techniques
Identify key characteristics of resources needed by the project and how they affect the schedule
Draft an initial schedule for a project

Our project management offerings

monitor and maintain
For teams that are functioning well, but still want someone to help out with prioritization, highlight dependencies, outline integration points, and chase down vendors, this is for you. A lot of teams only need a little help.

lead and manage
The most "standard" offering, we'll actively lead a team to complete your project. We'll gather requirements, outline dependencies, run sprints, outline key milestones and all the other good stuff you expect from a project manager

repair and relaunch
Our most involved offering.
We'll work with you to fix a broken project and set it on the right course. Projects in this category should never stay here for more than a month. When engaged in this tier, we report directly to the key decision maker.



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